Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account From Scratch

I’ve always loved Pinterest. The platform is perfect for finding the perfect solution to just about any problem I have from what the heck to do with that salmon fillet fridge to natural cold remedies, craft ideas for Spring Break, ways to eat for PCOS, gorgeous clothes, awesome home decor, and advice for running my biz. Yes, I still use Pinterest to learn more about running my marketing business! Always be learning, am I right?

If you’re ready to set up your Pinterest Business account, this blog with video tutorial will help you with the basics! Check back at for more resources.

If you’re in a similar place and recognize that Pinterest is a must-have for your business, it’s imperative that you set up a business account. Here’s how to set up a Pinterest Business account from scratch.

After you go to and enter your email and password, you’ll see a series of windows taking you through 5 steps, although there are more than 5 windows.

The first will ask you for your business name and your business type.

Business Name Basics

You’re now limited to 30 characters for your Business Name, so don’t worry about trying to shove too much info in there. Mine is Megan Winkler - Marketing. If you own a store, then make that your Business Name. If it’s just you, that’s ok! You are your brand, babe! Just enter your name here and pick the best type of business.

Business Basics Window

Link To Your Website

This is a must-do! Just drop your website URL here. You can, of course, do this later, but might as well do it while the window is up.

Pinterest Link to your website

Connect Other Accounts

If you have an Etsy store, a business Instagram (I highly recommend this!), or a YouTube channel, be sure to claim them via the third window. Again, you can come back and do this later if you need to clean your other accounts up or switch your personal IG to a business account.

Pinterest link to Instagram, Etsy, and YouTube

Running Ads

The last two windows ask you about advertising. If you’re interested, then don’t be afraid to choose that option. It never hurts to start researching before you actually want to start ads.

Pinterest ads

Save Pins From Your Site

Here’s an awesome opportunity to save Pins directly from your site! If you’ve already got a few Pinterest-worthy images on your site, pin them now. They’ll go into your first Pinterest board, which you can edit as needed.

If you need help saving your first few Pins, Pinterest will take you through the process, which is really nice. Here’s a screenshot of the first screen that popped up after I started an account for my for-fun food blog:

Editing Your Account & Contact Info

Head to the top right corner to update your account and contact info. It’s fairly self-explanatory, but you can read this post for step-by-step help.

Set up your business account on Pinterest the right way with this easy video tutorial! Learn more at
Use this video tutorial and step-by-step instructions for setting up your Pinterest business account the right way!
Ready to set up your Pinterest business account? Check out this super easy tutorial!