Mindful practices teach us to pause, look at the bigger picture, and remove our emotional reactions from our responses. I’m continually looking for new ways to help my clients connect with their customers and often turn to mindfulness practices to drill down to the essence of a message. In my spare time, I’m also a meditation teacher and an avid mindfulness practitioner.

I love how mindfulness gives us incredible tools to discover your unique message, improve communication with your team, and help you relieve stress.

Throughout my site, you’ll find references to mindfulness, blogs on meditation at work, and suggestions on how to “brain-hack” your marketing campaigns. I periodically hold retreats and corporate events focused on bringing more mindfulness into your business strategy. Read more about those below, or send me an email to set up a mindfulness workshop at your company. 


Just be. Retreats

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the demands of work and life? Just be. Retreats were created with your busy lifestyle in mind! Located north of Dallas in Aubrey, Texas, Just be. Retreats offer you the opportunity to escape for a half-day of self-care and personal transformation, without keeping you from the important things in life.

A Day Of Relaxation, Transformation, and Self-Care (Plus Wine!)

  • Learn from graceful horses under the direction of Annette Crooks, EAGALA-Certified Equine Specialist. Work as a team to complete challenges and obstacles that will shed light on your personal and professional life in transformative ways!

  • Enjoy a leisurely, light lunch and get to know the facilitators and continue learning in a zero-pressure, social setting.

  • Open your heart with yoga under the direction of Kathy Phillips, RYT-200. The gentle poses will encourage you to connect with your body and appreciate it even more. 

  • Learn Pilates techniques from Dr. Heather Bartos, Board-Certified OB-GYN and Certified Pilates Instructor. Learn the exercises she uses on long on-call days, in L&D, or at her kids' dance recital. 

  • Come together in circle and neuroscience-based meditation with Megan Winkler, Master Mindfulness Practitioner. This is a judgment-free zone where everyone gets a chance to speak and we close the session with a simple meditation you can use in your personal practice. 


Mindfulness in Business Blogs