Pour Yourself A Glass Of Rosé.
I’ll Make Sure Your Marketing Works Like A Dream!

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Marketing is a pain! It can be super confusing.

Ads done wrong online waste your money.


And your life is looking more like a pile of sticky notes, rescheduled calendar appointments, and missed brunches by the day!


I get it!


I was frustrated by the social media rat race. I constantly asked myself: “How are my clients going to stand out among the masses?” There’s just so much to do!

Well, I found a way!

Megan has developed and created strategies to help my practice thrive! She has written everything from posts to blogs and articles for me and without her, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t be where I am today — our following more than quadrupled since she started collaborating with me. She is one of the biggest assets of my team!
— Heather Bartos, M.D.

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