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Have You Tried Quizzes For Increased Visibility?

Lead generation is tough work. Yes, I’m going to just say it right out: It’s hard! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you ever seen one of those quizzes from BuzzFeed during your Facebook scroll? Well, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to partner with Interact to create a quiz that does just that: Awesome lead gen!

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Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account From Scratch

I’ve always loved Pinterest. The platform is perfect for finding the perfect solution to just about any problem I have from what the heck to do with that salmon fillet fridge to natural cold remedies, craft ideas for Spring Break, ways to eat for PCOS, gorgeous clothes, awesome home decor, and advice for running my biz. Yes, I still use Pinterest to learn more about running my marketing business! Always be learning, am I right?

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Copywriting From Scratch: Where To Begin

I get this question a lot and I always begin with saying that I started as a copywriter over a decade ago (eek!) so some things have changed. What hasn’t changed, though, are the mindset changes and the willingness to put yourself out there that you absolutely HAVE to have in order to succeed at being a copywriter.

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